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Let's dive right into:

What does it takes to be an EXCEPTIONAL MANAGER and LEADER?

How do you nurture CUSTOMERS to become a LOYAL TRIBE?

Can you CRUSH SALES RECORDS again and again?

What's the SECRET to SUCCESS?




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Steps to Success:

How do you start from a CONCEPT to grow a BRAND STRATEGY?

What are the smarter ways to PROTECT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY?

Is it possible to GO GLOBAL with LICENSING DEALS?

Which one is more profitable ~ RETAIL or E-COMMERCE?

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Sister Support:

How do you BREAK FREE from social cultural norms holding you back?

Is there a way to GROW COURAGE after TRAUMA?

What is your PURPOSE and hidden PASSION ?

How do you set yourself FREE to become INDEPENDENT?




We re doing it

Setting the Stage:

How do you start creating a VISIONARY LIFE and LEGACY as

a teenager?

Can you live in a material world without being



at this age?

The happy audience is an inspired audience


30 Years of Motivational Training
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One of the Most Versatile Speakers
Bi lingual and Cultural in English Arabic
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Life as a Serial Entrepreneur

Life as a Refugee/Immigrant

Life as an Author/Speaker

Suhein Beck, the Founder/CEO of ELAJ, LLC brings fresh perspectives to the startup entrepreneur.

Without a college degree she was managing some of the largest Real Estate Portfolios in Real Estate Investvement Trusts that were Public Corporations in the NY Stock Exchange. She opened her own Real Estate Brokerage & Appraisal company.

After 15 years, she started a skincare manufacturing company from ground zero with no financing, loan, Shark, or investor. She hit the ground running to launch her grandfather's skincare formula from a street fair to mass retail in 5 years. Now she has re-launched exclusively online globally.

She also co-founded several retail, wholesale and manufacturing businesses with Import/Export experience.

From being a Circassian Exile from the North Caucasus, to a Syrian Refugee to experiencing gang terror in America, Suhein brings the most unique perspectives on breaking down fears and tribalism down to the lowest common denominator.

Her multiculturalism background is jam-packed with exciting stories of dodging bullets, bombs, and FBI chases that will drop jaws and cultural biases of any audience. From street gangs to corporate gangs at the highest level, she cracked the code to understand the universal language of our innate survivalism instinct.

Suhein shares mind-shifting perspectives to break down stereotypes. With her hilarious stories, she creates a comfortable space to explore our differences, our similarities, and allow our human survival instinct to question and answer ourselves.

Being able to connect with the changemakers of tomorrow is the most exciting part of working with audiences, especially youth!

The moment when they spring out of their chair with the light in their eyes is the moment that Suhein lives for with every workshop.

To spark inspiration is magical and these workshops are so intense that years after the session, kids, parents still send her messages of how that one crazy lecture affected that youth's life positively!

Each workshop is customized to the audience. From 1 hour to 1 day to a workshop series, Suhein has enough content to work around your needs.

Suhein had the amazing experience of hosting a groundbreaking international talk show series for youth in the Mideast in Arabic. Episodes available on her Youtube Channel.

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Suhein has so many incredible stories to tell because...

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she has already lived so many lifetimes!

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Business Manager & Leader

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From the corporate world of Property Management and Real Estate Development, Suhein emerged as the most-sought after TROUBLESHOOTER to resuscitate under-performing properties on the West Coast of the United States.

This is where she began her career in management and motivational training.


Entrepreneur & Startups

Suhein opened her own Real Estate Appraisal & Brokerage Firm.

She then launched her family's skincare brand ELAJ and within 5 years obtained an International Licensing Deal and went Global & E-Commerce.

She also co-owned retail stores, art galleries and manufactured electronics products off-shore.

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Author & Motivational Speaker

Being an AUTHOR was a natural calling that she was able to achieve with a best-selling medical non-fiction book, TOPICAL STEROID SIDE EFFECTS.

Her next book is an historical saga that reaches back 5,000 years. SHADES OF HONOR is due to be published by December 2023 episodically in English, Arabic, and Turkish.


because she's done so much in her life!

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Standing Ovations

Quotation Mark

I learned a lot of valuable information - things I can take back and re-evaluate my business with and make smarter moves and smarter decisions.

2019 - E-Commerce

Quotation Mark

It was really incredible, super informative! She's so real and genuine and made me feel like it's really possible to become a manufacturer.

2018 - Manufacturing Expo

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I really appreciate her authenticity and compassion and her dedication to us as small business owners because she's looking out for our best interests.

2017 - Startup Entrepreneur

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