Suhein in Pink

A fish does not know it’s in water. Only when I started telling my stories, did I realize, I’ve been in a deep ocean of unusual experiences that never seemed to let up.  People’s reactions were my first clue that my life was a bit crazy. To me, it was just survival and fulfilling my passions.

This is my journey.  The failures and successes sprinkled with humor is what you’ll find in these honest recollections. From gangsters to bomb threats to FBI chases, I’ve had my share of close calls.

I’ll add to this blog in random moments as the stories unfold and rekindle other stories as I remember them.

The most unusual stories are the dreams that came true. Those delusions of grandeur that were so far out of reach, yet the universe responded in its most generous way. Do we carve our destinies towards our dreams, or do they manifest in some magical way? Be careful what you wish for – as I’ve learned – these things called internal thoughts and dreams really do come true, but not always in the way we expect them to be the answer!

I wish you wild delusions of grandeur for 2018!

Hoping the best of them come true for you…