About me

So is it better to be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond?

I’ve been both. I’ve swam in fresh water, ocean water and hot water by being in trouble. I’ve been to jail in Mexico, been on airplanes with a bomb threat, been dragged under tunnels to escape the onset of not one, but two wars, almost 20 years apart in the same country. I escaped persecution with my family on a train from one country to another and almost kidnapped from a hotel in Russia for marriage to a complete stranger. I’ve had my beloved Doberman and German Shepard security dogs poisoned in attempts to kill my family by setting us on fire in our home in New Jersey and then had Mexican gangs taunt and threaten us for  years in Los Angeles.  I’ve worked all my life for other companies and then for myself and building my own companies. I’ve saved stranger’s lives with CPR and crazy other stories of dodging bullets and drowning kids and then rushing home to celebrate my daughter’s birthday all in one day.

No joke. My life is real and I don’t lie or exaggerate. Once you get to know me you’ll find my stories really do pan out. I have to write them because I’m tired of repeating them and so are my kids tired of hearing them.

So this is it. No book on the NY Times best seller list (haha well ok maybe someday?!?!).  Just my weird, freaky stories in random order based on some learning lesson I feel may be  relevant for someone out there. You are welcome to ask friends and family about certain events and those that were there to witness, can confirm I don’t make these things up…I’m a good writer but not that good to make this stuff up.

I was never the type of person to learn from other people’s mistakes.
I hope you are…Please don’t forget to support by following my blog and receive notifications when I post something new.

Cruisin for a Bruisin,

21 thoughts on “About me

  1. Samar

    Well done Suhein. I Iike how you were able to catch the reader’s attention from the first few lines. I wish you a great luck and hope to everyone will learn and benefit from you:)

    1. Merci awee Samar – I am coming to interview you very soon…I have plans for you too my social worker for a great cause…your new job fits you perfectly and I want to tap into your brain

    1. Thank you Angie – stay tuned for some carazyy stuff coming too…if you click on top right corner you’ll get notified of new postings…I promise to not be obnoxious with too many..

    1. Lina – this is where I invite you and your brilliance to think about being a contributing writer to my blog…digest that for a while – I know you have it in you…and I would be honored to be able to follow you too! Right back at ya!

  2. Ingrid

    Love this and you look GREAT!!!! So glad you found an avenue for your creative and passionate writing talent!! Mmmmm….who was it that once said you’d be an amazing speaker?:)) Just let me know when you’re ready for a personal assistant:)

    1. Thanks and YES YES YES we are hitting the road soon and you will need to sharpen your event planning pencil & notebook because MOASKAR AL SABAYA is hitting the road soon to each country for 2 day Bootcamps for Young Women with Suhein. You will finally get your trips to the mideast my Austrian sister!

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