Stop thinking about it.

Stop making excuses about it.

Just Do It.

Unless you are as bad as I was and I finally made the basketball team and right after half time they finally let me in to play. I totally forgot the sides change at half time and I went in and gracefully swooped the ball , the roar of the crowded bleachers swept me faster down the court and like an unstoppable ocean wave I dunked the ball right into the net and scored… for the other team. The roar of the crowd was the other team cheering me on and my team screaming at me to stop. I still remember team captain Alice Kodjabian never let me forget that moment in high school.

But I’m sure you’re not as bad as I was.

What’s your excuse???

So if you’re like me – don’t Just Do It…take up dance instead! Sports are for real athletes that know these things.

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