We can’t discuss Success without Failure = FICTION

So why don’t we face it head on?

Stare at it right in the face and challenge it.

This is where we dump our failures together, shamelessly.

We are, after all, sisters.

She is complete within herself…

To me this interprets as she is always rebuilding, recreating and remaking herself.

This artwork is from one of my favorite artists, ORA TAMIR. I was at the Hermosa Beach Memorial Day Streetfair escaping my destiny of working that weekend selling nothing of significance to anyone.  I was not brought to silence by her artwork but the exact opposite. I started blurting out nonsensical phrases while tears flowed as if someone had seen me naked in a dream.  It was that powerful. The first random words I said to her was she was an engineer possibly an architect…The level of precision and depth all the while surreal was intoxicating. Like that moment when you find yourself in Las Vegas and you can not handle another moment of the over stimuli and sensory overload. As I blurted out interpretations, this brilliant Artist responded in an accent so familiar to me. Israeli. That is when I knew that depth comes from a much deeper realm.  I purchased one piece from her and I wrote my first poem in 5 years that night to that art piece and gave it as a gift to another War Survivor.

This is the beauty of Art.

When Art is the ultimate MUSE for more ART.

Thank you Ora for nudging me from my snoring hibernation.

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This is where we “work thru” our success trails.

ORA’s website is


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