Love and Marriage

One of my favorite topics…

Before I get deep into this I want to share one of my favorite artists with you and her music video.

Upon seeing it, I want you to hear the words in the song and really think…

She says when she sees him she sees truth which is a reflection of his and her  love.

Absolutely brilliant.

In so many broken marriages the blame game never ends. But here she is saying that what she sees in her man is a reflection. That means what you project out is what you will see and receive back.  Double Brilliant…  So that means she is taking responsibility within her love and relationship with her man.  I CAN’T wait to get deep into this with you.

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For now…enjoy My BFF ( Best Friend Forever)  India Arie – who by the way YES I did go to her concert in 2011 at the Monterey Jazz Festival and OMG the pictures I have are insane…Not to brag but seriously epic… this was a double exposure shot I took … Me and my camera were on FIRE that night!!!

I’ll post those pics under COOKIE MONSTER and then the tab for MY SOUL because her art nurtures my soul and I want to feed yours the way she feeds mine..

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