Suhein Gets Her Butt Kicked

Suhein gets her Butt Kicked by a retired Lady who weighs about 108 lbs. 

Listen Sabaya – I only claim to be a teacher 5% of my time. I spend 95% of my time learning. 

5% Teacher
95% Student

Today you can witness me being honest about where I am in business and how I also need help from a Kick Butt Business Mentor  from SCORE which operates out of the US Small Business Administration’s office right here in Santa Ana, California. This office happens to be a nationally recognized award winning office for their help in growing local businesses. 

 This is a woman who owned a restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who almost lost her business due to the economy but with the help of the SBA she was able to get both a loan and support to save it!

The people that help entrepreneurs are 13,000 retired executives from all over the United States that volunteer to “pass on” their wisdom and experience to hungry entrepreneurs like myself and YOU if you want help to start or launch your business. Write to me and tell me the reason why you can’t start your business and I will write you back with 5 reasons that you can. I dare you. 

This is a business that just opened their 2nd store thanks to a loan and support about wholesale / retail operations.   A very different animal for different animals! (They own an organic pet food store)

After you watch this video ask yourself – would you consider being coached and seeking out guidance to help you fulfill your dreams?

If so, I’d love to hear about it. Send me some comments down below.

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